Lets Talk Private Labeling

The Private Label Concentrated team were brought together with only one mission on our mind. 


We are here to help small startups, growing enterprises and large business scale. Years of experience building private labels for multi million dollar merchants allow us to provide expertise to develop private label product contents and execution that convert into sales.


In order for us to excel at our job in helping our customers, there is always 3 constantly annoying and nagging question that our team ask ourselves all day long.

Question 1 : How can we save you money ?
Question 2 : How can we save you time ?
Question 3 : How can we solve your problem ?


For every single vendor or project that goes through our door, you can be sure that the answer to those 2 questions will be our main driving factor when it comes to making decisions and choices.


Imagine all the headaches and resources that you can save when you have an efficient team to tackle your time consuming task when launching a new product.
With core team members in Shanghai , Guangzhou , Hong Kong , Tokyo and Seattle. We cover multiple time zones and have an easy access to a large and talented job pool of several Asian mega cities.


Learn the Amazon private label process as you go with us. We’ll be glad to teach you master the game with real experience.

Our shipping and manufacturing partner vendors are selected on a very strict criteria. To get into our vendor network is extremely difficult because we believe in only selecting the highest quality for our customers worldwide.

We concentrate all the private label leg work into one place, so you can do what you do best, create an awesome product and generate sales.

Amazon FBA Shipments

China Consolidation

Prep And Re-Packaging

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