Branding and Packaging Products: Things That You Must Do

Ever wondered, why do people get excited when Nike, Samsung, Apple releases a product?

There are some people who even get overwhelmed before knowing what the product actually is in real life. So, do they have this strong branding that the name itself evokes anticipation or is it something else?

Yes! They do have a strong brand name, but they have also learned the proper way of presenting their products to the audience.

Did you know that 95% of products fail every year? But why?

Most of the customers don’t have the time to weigh the features of a product. To select the product, all they rely on is on the product packaging. Give a thought to Tiffany & Co. For the audience, that robin’s blue box is more recognizable than the jewelry itself.

It is pretty clear that PACKAGING is a lot more than the container for your product. On the other hand, BRANDING is not just the logo of your brand, but it is something that conveys the key message of your brand to the customer. Whether you use a low key branding and packaging or go for a premium one, here are few things that you should consider:


Take Customer’s Attention Through Branding and Packaging


On an average, customers only read seven words throughout a shopping period and buy by shape, color and familiarity of the location.  Nowadays, the store shelves are packed with more products than most people have time to browse. So, to let your product stand out from the crowd:

  • Use a packaging with a unique shape.
  • Use an unusual finish on the packaging like a “Thank You” foil or vellum sticker
  • Go for bold and a distinct branding.
  • Don’t forget to customize both of them according to your brand.


Try To Make An Emotional Effect


Your packaging should strike an emotion with your customers. Try to incorporate their vision and ideas into your design and catch their attention subconsciously.


Product Packaging


For example- Coca Cola’s red color, typographic logo, wave graphic and iconic shape connects them with their customer base. Moreover, eye catchy fonts, colors, graphics, shape of the packing also evoke special emotions in clients towards your brand


Pay Attention To Your Brand’s Message


These days, customers have a lot of experience with packaging; and they simply expect it to be OUT OF THE BOX. So, whenever you design your package, be aware of what you are saying to the clients about your brand and its products.

In particular, make sure you pay attention to:

  • Design Elements:

    When it comes to the design of your packaging, ensure that you don’t use a lot embellishment or add-ons on it. Conduct proper research before you decide on basic colored packets, starburst boxes or beads for your packaging.

  • Materials:

    The types of packaging materials you use play a vital role in your customer’s purchase decisions. By choosing proper packing paper texture, thickness and outlook, you can effortlessly upscale the level of your product and attract the customers towards it.

  • Colors:

    For instance: A brown packaging gives customers an idea of packing a chocolate bar, mint or a knick-knack. While a glittery one may give them an idea of a high-end product. So make sure to use a packaging color that actually defines your brand.


Packaging and Branding


Don’t Overdesign or Load Your Product


 The designs that are well thought and simple often sell more and win in the mind of customers.

There is no use of making a different packaging if it takes an hour to open it. Sometimes, in order to make an eye catchy packaging, we tend to complicate the overall design of the product.

There are chances that the product may luck out and sell well, but in reality, they do nothing to build a brand. So, don’t get too carried away with heavy branding or more. Instead, use simple, crisp and clear concepts that your audience will understand easily.


Be Consistent With Your Notions


According to Robert Brunner, a famous author and designer- Everything you do creates your brand experience.

So, make sure that you maintain consistency in your branding and packaging.

When it comes to packaging, design a product packaging that works with the value and identity of your brand. So, in case your product does not go with the characteristics of your brand, your packaging will definitely exhibit your notion.

For branding, don’t just put up your logo on every other thing, but design a concept that is the reflection of your brand. Your brand concept should include- a color, logo, and font that specifically caters its every aesthetic.


Product Branding


Keep Product Protection In Mind

Your products are shipped through cargos; they get on and off the shelves and then go into the hands of your consumers.

While you get your product packaging designed, it is important that you don’t neglect its safety parameters. If your products are heavy or very delicate, review the boxes, gauge, tapes so that they are shipped with optimum protection. Moreover, always keep the tamper evidence for the safety of your consumers as well.


Go For That Five-Year-Old Test


If you are not able to describe your brand to a five-year-old, there are chances that you won’t be able to explain it to an adult as well.

Kids definitely come back if they see an attractive packaging. Similarly, adults also come back looking for it (only if they feel an iconic connection with it). And the key to getting back the customers is by using a different branding and packaging.

For example: if you explain a kid a blue pack with a cookie dipped in milk, the kid is definitely going to come back with a packet of OREO.  That is how product packaging influences your customers.


Final Thoughts


There is no denying that branding and packaging are essential for the marketing of your product. Your packaging builds your brand, while branding promotes it.

Creating an effective branding and packaging can be challenging, but the results of doing it right are quite clear.

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