A Guide on Amazon Product Photo Requirements and Best Practices



Amazon is the largest e-commerce website and a dream come true for most e-commerce entrepreneurs. It has enabled many e-commerce entrepreneurs to sell online without creating websites or incurring high inventory storage costs. With Amazon, you can run a thriving e-commerce business on your laptop from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Although Amazon has made it easier for sellers to reach a broader customer base and sell online, it requires the sellers to follow specific conditions and best practices to keep up with Amazon’s quality standards. One of the areas that Amazon insists on quality compliance is in product photos. Following the specified best practices can make your e-commerce journey smooth and profitable while neglecting them can minimize your chances of success on Amazon. What are Amazon’s product photo requirements and best practices?


Technical product photo requirements


Amazon has a list of product photo requirements. For starters, Amazon requires your product image to be in TIFF, GIF, JPEG, or PNG formats. JPEG format is, however, the most preferable. The minimum image dimension should be 500px on its longest side, and maximum dimension should be 10000px on its longest side. Amazon places the image size limit at 10mb so any image larger than 10mb will not upload. The ideal ratio for the image is 1:1 square image, but you can also use a 5:1 ratio rectangle image. The image should be cropped tight to the product to utilize the most space in the listing. You should also save the image as SRGB color space.


Main listing photo requirements


Main listing photos have their own set of requirements. The main listing photo is an image that you see in the search results. Main listing photos are the very first presentation of the product to the customer. Amazon is particularly strict with the photos that sellers use for their main listing product photos. The first requirement for the main listing photo is that it must have a white background with an RGB value of 255. You can take the picture yourself in a LimoStudio portable photo studio which has a white background. Alternatively, you can edit the picture background post photography. The picture might, however, fail to achieve a natural look like it would if taken in the portable photo booth. Another requirement is that the product must fill at least 85% of the photo area.



Amazon requires your main listing image to be sharp with no hint of being blurry. It should also not have jagged edges, be pixelated or cropped by a flame edge. The image must also accurately represent the item being sold and display the item on sale outside its packaging. The photo must not be a graphics rendering or illustration of the image. It should also not show any text watermarks or logos that are not part of the product. The main listing image should not show any excluded accessories that may confuse customers. It should also not show multiple views of the same product.


Main listing images of clothing products should not be on a visible mannequin except socks and stockings. Instead, Amazon prefers that sellers display their clothes on models or a flat surface. Clothing accessories like scarfs, hats, belts, and ties should be photographed flat. Lingerie, swimwear, and intimate apparel should be presented in a non-obscene and non-sexual way.


Use professional photos


Amazon insists that sellers should use professional photos for their products. Photos are the most crucial part of a listing, and you want them to be as professional as possible. When selling on Amazon, you are competing with millions of other sellers, so you need to establish an edge to attract more customers. Using professional product photos is the most effective way of drawing people to your listing and increasing your click-through rates. A professional product picture also makes your products look better by highlighting their unique features to the customers.


Add zoom functionality


Zoom functionality allows your customers to view the product in great detail and also enables them to visualize what the product would look like in real life. Zoom functionality is available for all product images, not just the main listing photo. For you to enable the zoom function, you need to use images that are at least 1000 x 1000 pixels. The images should also be professional photos to accentuate your product’s features when the customers zoom on the picture.



Use all available image slots


Amazon allows up to eight images per listing – one main image, and seven supplemental images. Each of these image slots is a chance for you to show our customers the benefits of your product and how they can use it. It is in your best interest to utilize each of these image slots to provide your customers with as much information about your product as possible. Each photo should give the customer a new piece of information about the product so you should avoid using duplicate images. Amazon allows you to display your images in use in the supplemental image slots so you can upload some high-quality photos of your product in use.


Edit your images before uploading


Your pictures will not be 100% perfect straight from the camera. You need to do some post photography edits to make sure that your pictures are excellent. You do not have to use expensive and advanced software to edit your photos. Instead, you can use a free picture editing tool such as Google Picasa to resize, crop, brighten and straighten your images. Just make sure not to go overboard with the editing so that your images don’t look doctored.




A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are your main selling points on Amazon, so you want to go all in and make sure that your product images are the best they can be. Following Amazon’s product photos requirements and best practices is the first step to creating a profitable e-commerce business and boosting your sales. For more insight into increasing your sales on Amazon, you can read the Amazon product listing hacks guide.

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