5 Effective Ways to Drive Paid External Traffic to My Amazon Product Page



Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace, and you have to use all the tools you can lay your hands on to land more customers and get more business. Gone are the days when one would rely solely on SEO and Amazon Ads to drive traffic to their product pages. Nowadays, Amazon sellers are coming up with different innovative ways to drive traffic to their product pages without violating Amazon’s user terms. One of the proven methods of driving traffic to an Amazon store is through the use of paid external traffic. Unlike Amazon’s paid traffic which only showcases your products to Amazon visitors, paid external traffic has the potential to showcase your products to a much broader demographic of people, some of whom may be entirely new to Amazon. Paid external traffic also gives the seller more freedom regarding targeting, making it easier to create laser targeted ads to target a small demographic of people. In this blog post, we are going to walk through the five effective ways of driving paid external traffic to your Amazon product page.


Pinterest Ads


Pinterest is a huge hangout place for shoppers looking for items to buy, but most e-commerce entrepreneurs ignore it to compete for traffic on big-name social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Although Pinterest is a relatively smaller social media platform, it is responsible for about 16% of shopping decisions in the USA. Instagram, on the other hand, is responsible for 12% of shopping decisions in the USA. Pinterest paid ads use promoted pins where a business pays to have their pins show up to more people in their preferred niche. The target audience can then save the pins and click on them later to go to the promoted product page. You can create ads in the form of promoted image pins ads, promoted video pin ads, promoted app pins, and promoted cinematic pins. You can also take advantage of the fact that 80% of Pinterest users are women to advertise some female-focused products.


Reddit Ads


Reddit is what you would refer to as a crossbreed between a news website and a social media platform. During its founding in 2005, Reddit’s goal was to allow users to post their links and posts, and let other users decide what was newsworthy by upvoting it. The best posts would get the most votes and rise to the top where they would get the most visibility. Thirteen years and over one billion users later, Reddit continues with the same mode of operation. Reddit is a great place to advertise a business because every user has clearly defined interests. You can use Reddit ads to push traffic to your Amazon product page by targeting potential customers based on their interests and the topics they follow. You can specify the objective of your ad whether it is to create awareness or convert into sales. You can also track your ad’s success using the Reddit ad dashboard to check upvotes and conversions.





Using affiliates has to be one of the best ways to drive external paid traffic to your Amazon product page. An affiliate is someone who markets your products on your behalf, and in turn, you pay them a percentage commission for every sale they bring in. Amazon has a huge affiliate program called Amazon Associates where affiliates can sign up and get a unique code that they can then use to market Amazon products. In case you want to use your affiliates, you can collaborate with an affiliate marketer in your niche and agree on payment terms. The affiliate can then drive traffic to your product page, and you can pay them a commission for each sale. The good thing about using affiliates is that you only pay after making a sale. Working with a well-motivated affiliate can completely transform your business.


Deal sites


A deal site is a website where customers go to get good deals on purchases, and sellers go to look for customers. There are several deal sites where businesses promote their products and services to potential customers. Businesses seeking to advertise on a deal site can give away coupons that customers can download and use to buy products from the business. The deal site can then get paid per coupon redeemed. Alternatively, a business can run a promotion on the deal site where customers pay for coupons or vouchers. The deal site then takes a percentage of the generated revenue to cover the advertising costs. In some cases, some deal sites will prefer that you pay an upfront advertising fee while others will take a commission after the sale like affiliates. Deal sites do not have a standard rule of operation so you can look around to find one whose promotion tactics and payment plans suit your business. You should also look for a deal site with an audience whose interests are similar or close to your product niche.



Facebook Ads


Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion daily active users, and probably the most significant advertising platform of the 21st century. Founded in 2004, Facebook has evolved into an unstoppable force in the marketing world. Facebook Ads is every business’ go-to advertising strategy, and with the right targeting and ad settings, it can be gratifying. Advertising on Facebook allows you to tap into their 2.23 billion user base and put your product in front of them. Facebook also allows you to target your audience on several interests and specifics such as the type of phone they use and their education level. The laser focused targeting will enable you to market only to people who are willing to buy from you. Facebook advertising requires you to learn some strategy first since it is a bit expensive and their algorithms and user terms keep changing. This is why we recommend this comprehensive guide to Facebook advertising to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in Facebook ads before investing your money.




Although Amazon and e-commerce, in general, is a very competitive space, there is more than enough cake for everyone. With over 3.2 billion people using the internet, the online customer base is too large to be exhausted by the existing number of sellers. As an Amazon seller, you only need to find out which paid external traffic method works for you and utilize it to get customers for your business. For more insight on how you can grow your sales, you can read The Sales Acceleration Formula and apply that knowledge to your Amazon business. Happy selling!

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