Sourcing in China For Your Private Label Amazon Product – What To Look Out For

  One of the most surefire ways to succeed as an online entrepreneur is creating a brand, and private labeling allows online sellers to do that. Private labeling is where a retailer contracts a manufacturer to manufacture and brand the products on his (retailer’s) behalf. The manufacturer does not own any rights to the label or brand and only gets revenue from manufacturing the products. Private label has gained a lot of attention, especially with Amazon sellers as a way to make products stand out […]

Product Photography

Should You Use White Background Photos or Lifestyle Photos For Better Conversions?

Product photography makes up for one of the most important aspects of an online shopping experience for a buyer. Nowadays, people invest a significant amount of money in an online store. Business owners perfect all the techniques they can to increase their conversion rate. From a streamlined checkout process and a seamless user interface, they do it all. However, what they fail to understand is that all those aspects are secondary. The first and foremost part of the transaction is the customer deciding to buy […]

Amazon Vs. Shopify – Pros and Cons of Each Platform

  It is the internet age. People are now doing everything online from shopping to dating. Going to the store to shop is now seen as an inconvenience since one can order something on their phone in the comfort of their couch and have it delivered to their door. As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to take advantage of the booming internet-based businesses and build something that can earn you an income. One of the largest internet-based businesses is e-commerce. E-commerce means buying and selling […]

Product Branding and Packaging

Branding and Packaging Products: Things That You Must Do

Ever wondered, why do people get excited when Nike, Samsung, Apple releases a product? There are some people who even get overwhelmed before knowing what the product actually is in real life. So, do they have this strong branding that the name itself evokes anticipation or is it something else? Yes! They do have a strong brand name, but they have also learned the proper way of presenting their products to the audience. Did you know that 95% of products fail every year? But why? […]

Top 20 Websites For Sourcing Private Label Products For a Ecommerce Business

Sourcing Can Seem Like An Enormous Uphill Task. That is Why We Compiled a Top 20 List of Sourcing Platforms For You To Find Suppliers. We Hope This Can Help You Secure Your First Private Label Product For Amazon FBA.   1. Alibaba (The Biggest and Most Saturated Platform) Website: Headquarters: Hangzhou, China Motto: Global trade starts here   As the world’s largest b2b sourcing portal, the name “Alibaba” has become synonymous with sourcing from China. Usually it is the first website people turn to […]