How You Can Increase Conversion Rates With 360 Product Photography?

A high converted product page is more like a holy grail of ecommerce!

Although the growing number of visitors and the skyrocketing website traffic can do wonders for any business, the websites ability to convert browsers into simple buyers is what matters the most.

And the good, visually appealing content is manifest. The more buyers know what they are buying, the more likely they will click on the buy!

But, how will you convince them?




Well, the key ingredients are appealing product photography and a catchy yet genuine product profile!

However, people still go to physical stores to buy the product. Why? Imagine ordering a t-shirt and receiving it a week later to find that it wasn’t the color and the fabric that you have seen on the website.

While it’s not possible to compete with the hands-on sales that the brick-and-motor shops do, an appealing 360 product photography can increase the business, improve conversion rate and can even make people happy and satisfied.

What Is 360 Product Photography?

A 360 product photography is a kind of photography that embodies different frames and angles of a particular product to provide a high-end visual experience. As per the study, the ideal commercial frame rate of photographs is 20-30 frames per rotation. However, with a 360 image; the number of photo rotation will increase thereby making the visual appearance of the product eye-catching.

Further, 3D photography combines a bunch of photos from different frames stacked in one interactive 360-degree image. With this technology, users will be able to view products from every different angle.




Also, this type of photography will increase the product’s transparency and will usher-in the online shopping experience of the potential buyers.


How 360 Photography Help In Business Growth?


People nowadays are looking for a great visual stimulating experience as well as an interactive shopping experience. Thus, a simple image of the product will not entice the shoppers.

Nevertheless, a 360 product photography will increase the online experience of savvy shoppers and will also boost conversation rate of the page. A high-end, panoramic image will give:


Impressive Display:


Product Photography


The adage goes, “It’s always the first impression that matters!” And as an online ecommerce store owner, this is what you can exactly do to quick sell your product.

The product displayed on your website perhaps only have the few visuals with front, side angles and the back view. This did not show all aspects of the product you are selling and will not satisfy the customers. So, display images clicked from a 360 camera or use camera tripod to capture panoramic images of the product.

Using this, the buyers will be able to view products through a full 360-degree angle. They will be able to zoom, rotate and see other important details like quality and design of the product with ease.


Great Visual Information, Fewer Returns:


Blur visuals, low-quality fabric and color inaccuracy, are the prime reasons that customers return their products. However, to decrease returns, you need to showcases what customers want to see. Good, clear photography will ensure that they will get what they see (there will be some room for the errors as the screen color of the device can affect the display). Not only this will affect the returns but will also increase the conversations.


Close-Up Images Show Clear Details:


Diamond Ring


Let’s say your website is selling shoes. From afar, the shoes will look like simple leather shoes with a basic color. However, the close look will provide details of the product.

Moreover, customers demand finer details so that they have as much information as possible. If the customers are able to see the zoomed-in version of the shoe and all the details of the product, they might want click on the buy button!

However, if the details are hidden, the customers will not be able to gauge on the details of the product and will perhaps process a return.  The 360 product photography will allow you to shoot close-up photos of minute details and will offer alternate views to the customers.


Customers Feel Engaged With The Product:


The panoramic view of the product allows buyers to visualize themselves using or wearing the product, which also increases the emotional connection with what they are buying. Customers will be able to see every aspect or frame of the product, making them interact with what they are buying.


Transparency Will Increase:


You might have heard the famous adage, “a picture is worth than a thousand words”, and this holds true if you are displaying pictures of the product that is worth looking.

Simple hovering, one rotates and panoramic views can describe more about the displayed products than the simple descriptions. You can become transparent with buyers, by offering them the bright visuals and accurate understanding of your product. Just make sure to provide the quality and the consistency so that you can build trust with your customers.


What You Can Do More To Increase Conversion Rates


Build a story with photos:


So you have sourced great pictures? The story doesn’t end here!

Build a great story around your product; use images clicked from different angles to weave a story of the product. The more creative your presentation will be, more customers will be engaged in the product. You can also use pictures of the real audience who are using the product to build trust in your brand. Understand photography in detail to capture best shots from every angle.


Virtual reality/augmented reality:


Images will show how the product will look good on others; on the other hand, the technology will show how the product will look on buyers. The VR and AR technology will help buyers model the product from them with the comfort of being at home.


Accessorize The Product:


Never miss the chance of cross-selling or up-selling the product with another item. Create a look on the models that real buyers can actually try on.  Create drama by adding exciting accessories so that the buyers can imagine themselves in the same. Take notion from the apparel ecommerce stores who splurge extras on their models to make them look tempting.


Don’t Mislead The Visitors:


No business wants to mislead their customers, but this happens sometimes. For instance, your webpage is selling the men’s shirt, but the photo is showing the shirt with the tie. This can put customers in doubt and can give the wrong impression about the product. However, you can highlight the things that you are selling in the product’s profile.


Share As Much As You Can:


Visual sharing works perfectly for all ecommerce stores, and as social media is a huge contributor to the site traffic, sharing can offer high conversions. You can use images driven apps like Instagram, Pinterest and much more to share pleasing photos to the users.

Use sharing button to let buyers share self-avatars wearing the product. This will not only drive social media customers but will also lead to high conversions.

Putting high-quality images of any product will let customers know what exactly they are buying. So make sure that the displayed picture is appealing enough to allow buyers to take an extra nudge in the direction of ‘buy’ button.

Amalgamate technology with the selling industry and swift sell the product!

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