Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Product Photography Done in China


According to photographers, product photography is one of the trickiest subjects since it depends on the skill of the one capturing the shot to present a product in a different way.


There are many products, which can be found in e-commerce or online shopping sites like Amazon and Shopify. With the growing demand for products in online markets, sellers are forced to provide good content and eye catching pictures to attract the attention of potential buyers.


In e-commerce, sellers usually gain the trust of customers through the design of the website and the perceived value of the products. This means that sellers should also give importance to the aesthetics of the things they are selling by means of high quality and trustworthy product photography. In Amazon, products are displayed along with its competitors. Most of the photographers take pictures using the usual product, the product with packaging, or the product in an unusual setting or background like beach for swim wears and pumpkins for Halloween costumes. Many sellers have tried to grab the attention of visitors and clients through fancy schemes. However, getting beautiful product photos might be intimidating since it is usually expensive. The mantra is: “Every value counts” and many have tried to take photos using smartphones. The photos usually do a disservice to the items due to its poor quality.


According to a survey conducted in the United States, 67% of the consumers consider the quality of a product image as “very important” in influencing them to buy an item. After all, the trustworthiness of a product depends on the overall quality of an image since buyers can only view the pictures on the Web and rely on online media instead of personally interacting with a product. To show integrity, this means that sellers need to show the genuine details and quality of every product to their potential buyers.


Nonetheless, it still requires the expertise of a photographer to capture a unique photo that will surely outshine the same products due to its presentation. Specifically, most products have the same characteristics and in product photography, it is the call of the one holding the camera to present the differences in terms of angle, lighting, and color temperature of the picture.


In China, many photo studios offer good services when it comes to the area of product photography. Most online sellers and business start-ups usually avail of the services of these photo studios since it is very cost effective. If a seller has limited cash flow and the budget is tight, one should consider tapping Chinese studios to sell the products.


It is best to avail of the services of photographers in China due to the following reasons:


1. Professional low budget services. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and having product photos taken in the United States and Europe entails thousands of euros and dollars as well for sellers. Aside from skillful photographers, China is known for its affordable offers to customers. Hiring a photographer in China does not cost a fortune. Although most photo studios do not indicate the prices, most of them charge customers per image instead of per hour. While most photo studios in Europe charge between 5 to 7 euros each photo (maximum of 500), photographers in China will only get 3 to 4 euros each photo. It is definitely more cost effective to have more products photographed. For a competitive price, photographers also retouch and edit the photos to give customers the best product photos. This means that the pictures are ready for publication in print and online media. Photo studios, however, might ask for a fee if a client wants to alter the color of a product or add something to its background.


2. Fast and reliable. Since most photo studios in China, particularly in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, capturing product photos can be arrange within minutes. Most of the photographers also give unedited photos right away so that their clients can post it on social media. Timing is essential so it is better to contact first the photo studio to avoid delays. Good product photos and fast services can help businesspersons sell more items, boost the popularity and trustworthiness of the seller, and aid the business owner in increasing the price of the products due to perceived credibility of the visitors.


3. Automated and hands off. With the advent of technology, hiring expert product photographers is now just a click away. Online sellers can avail of the services of the best photo studios by contacting them via email or through the website. Hiring a good product photographer will be an advantage in the competitive market of Amazon. It is important to stand out but in doing so, business owners need not to do a lot of work since they only need to contact a good photo studio and post their products on online shopping sites.


4. Focus on marketing is vital. Getting skillful product photographers to do the job for the seller will help boost the sales of a company or business. Amazon has created the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world called “Fulfillment by Amazon” or FBA. In this network, sellers can store their products in Amazon’s fulfilment centers and the company will pick, pack, and ship the products to customers. Amazon’s FBA does not require any minimum in the number of units a seller wants to send and since they also provide customer service, sellers can save time and they can focus on their business.


5. Scalable. Many sellers place a brand on products that was created by manufacturers for retailers who places their own private label on the final product. This is one of the cost cutting ways to market a product without paying hefty amount for public relation companies. Many brands have become successful due to limited capital required. For business start-ups and those who want to expand their market, Amazon and Shopify is the wise choice for selling quality items after having the product photo done in China by expert photographers. When your photos are taking care of for you in China without you lifting a finger, that is the truly scalable solution for any large volume seller.


Why waste time trying to take DIY photos when they can be done by an expert whose job is to take and create high converting product photos. Especially when they can be done for a very reasonable price overseas. Your supplier can also directly send over a sample with only a 1-2 day lead time which gives you more room and time to successfully launch a product quicker.

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