Niches with the Best-Selling Products on Amazon


Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer in the world. It is also the fourth most profitable public company in the world and the second largest employer in the United States. With these staggering statistics, you have all the reasons to start selling on Amazon. The biggest question with most new sellers, however, is how to stand out among the 2 million sellers on Amazon. How do you generate sales in a seemingly saturated marketplace? The answer is in the products that you choose to sell. In any given market, the demand for different products varies according to consumer behavior. Some products have more demand thus sell more units and faster than other products. These market principles also apply to Amazon. Some products and some niches have more demand than others. In this article, we are going to look at the niches and products that sell the most units on Amazon.




Fashion is probably one of the niches that will always have best-selling products due to its dynamic nature. Fashion is ever evolving, requiring people to keep buying more and more clothing items to keep up with it. Our bodies are also continually changing requiring us to keep buying clothes that fit us at any given time. So, how can you identify the best fashion items to sell? You can start by following global fashion trends. Most shoppers tend to buy things that are trending at that time, so it is essential to always be up to date with the patterns. Another way to identify best-selling products in the fashion niche is by determining timeless fashion items. Timeless fashion items are the items that do not follow any trends and always seem to generate sales continually. An excellent example of a timeless fashion item is men’s swim trunks.


Tech gadgets


Technology has evolved in the last couple of years, and we all seem to depend on it now. We cannot imagine a world without all the technology we have today. Most people love tech gadgets because they make life easier and more interesting. There are several tech gadgets that you can start selling on Amazon. With the right marketing tactics, you can make a decent number of sales on any device provided that the price is right, and the product offers value to the buyers. You can keep an eye on tech blogs and websites to identify upcoming devices and start selling them before they saturate the market. You can also keep an eye on social media to identify any trending tech gadgets and start selling them. So vast is the tech gadget niche that Amazon has invested in creating gadgets like the Amazon Echo Spot with over 4,000 reviews, among other devices to satisfy the ever-growing demand for tech gadgets.



Beauty & fitness


We are a shamelessly vain species which is why we take our appearance so seriously. The cosmetics industry is worth approximately $ 532.43 billion. These figures are an indication of just how profitable the beauty and fitness niche can be. There are several beauty and fitness products with the potential to generate good revenue in Amazon sales. The secret is not to get too specific as that can limit your growth and sales. You can never go wrong with selling general beauty and fitness items that can be used by both sexes and by people of all races and skin types. An excellent example of a general beauty product is facial healing clay. For general fitness products, you can never go wrong with cardio and weight loss products.


Pet care products


Pets are our companions and our friends, and so we take pride in taking care of them to ensure that they are comfortable and happy. The pet care industry has an estimated worth of over $ 100 billion meaning that people take the welfare of their pets very seriously. It would only be logical for you to try and tap into this global demand for pet care products and make some Amazon sales. The best-selling pet care products are grooming items like fur removers and pet training pads. Some types of dry pet feed and pet toys also do well on Amazon.


Kids games & toys


We love giving our kids the very best whether it is food, healthcare, or toys. Kids’ toys and games are some of the best-selling products on Amazon with some of them garnering over 30,000 positive reviews. You can also tap into this demand to get a slice of the pie. When it comes to toys, you want to sell toys that are both affordable and fun. Selling a toy worth $ 200 might get you a few sales, but it will not even be close to the number of sales you can generate by selling a good toy worth $20. The strength is in the sales volume, not the profit margin. The best way to find fast-selling toys is to check social media and YouTube for innovative new toys with excellent reviews. If you managed to get a single new toy that stands out from the rest, you could make a decent income selling it on Amazon before other sellers catch on to the trend.





Books are always great products to sell on Amazon since they are timeless. A book that is relevant now will still be relevant after ten years especially if it addresses evergreen topics. You can even go an extra mile and author a book on a subject that you are an expert in, and list the book on Amazon. You can also list your old books and sell them as collectibles. The good thing about selling books on Amazon especially those that you have authored yourself is that your competition cannot sell the same book that you are selling. The books sold by your competition might be on the same topic, but they cannot be an exact copy of your book. All you need to beat your competition when selling books on Amazon is to ensure that you book adds more value than theirs and that you implement a winning marketing strategy to get it noticed by more potential customers. Once you add an edge to your book, you may be surprised to find it becoming a bestseller and you smiling all the way to the bank.


In conclusion


Selling on Amazon has been portrayed as a daunting affair while in reality, it is not. Many sellers are living off of their Amazon sales revenue with 5% of the sellers making over $ 1 million in sales every year. With approximately 184 million unique visitors every month, Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. You can leverage that massive traffic when selling on Amazon to make a decent amount of sales. You can also sell using Amazon Prime so that your customers can enjoy great shipping speeds. To gain better insight on how to get started selling on Amazon, you can get the book Amazon Selling Secrets by William U. Peña which provides extensive guidance on how you can create a business on Amazon.

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