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5 Effective Ways to Drive Paid External Traffic to My Amazon Product Page

    Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace, and you have to use all the tools you can lay your hands on to land more customers and get more business. Gone are the days when one would rely solely on SEO and Amazon Ads to drive traffic to their product pages. Nowadays, Amazon sellers are coming up with different innovative ways to drive traffic to their product pages without violating Amazon’s user terms. One of the proven methods of driving traffic to an Amazon store […]

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Background For My Product Photography

    In business, the presentation is everything, and first impressions are critical in customer acquisition. Product presentation is vital especially in an e-commerce business since a customer’s first interaction with your business will be entirely visual, and you will not be there to talk them up. When you are running an e-commerce business, it is imperative to present your products to the customers professionally using excellent product photos. Product photography is not just about showing your customer the product. It is about accentuating the […]

Simple Steps to Follow For Brand Building Off Amazon

Do you happen to be someone who is contemplating the idea of starting a new business? Well, if the answer to that question is yes, then we strongly recommend you do that online. Unlike conventional brick and mortar stores, an online platform will allow you to cater to a broader audience. Additionally, it also brings with it endless opportunities to grow your businesses as well. However, one important thing unique to all successful businesses is ‘Brand Building’. Almost every new business on online platforms such […]

Sourcing in China For Your Private Label Amazon Product – What To Look Out For

  One of the most surefire ways to succeed as an online entrepreneur is creating a brand, and private labeling allows online sellers to do that. Private labeling is where a retailer contracts a manufacturer to manufacture and brand the products on his (retailer’s) behalf. The manufacturer does not own any rights to the label or brand and only gets revenue from manufacturing the products. Private label has gained a lot of attention, especially with Amazon sellers as a way to make products stand out […]

Should You Use White Background Photos or Lifestyle Photos For Better Conversions?

Product photography makes up for one of the most important aspects of an online shopping experience for a buyer. Nowadays, people invest a significant amount of money in an online store. Business owners perfect all the techniques they can to increase their conversion rate. From a streamlined checkout process and a seamless user interface, they do it all. However, what they fail to understand is that all those aspects are secondary. The first and foremost part of the transaction is the customer deciding to buy […]

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